Etsuri is a topic-oriented news app that provides and organizes all news on any topic you want to follow a simple timeline. The app was on development stage and was working on the web version of the app.


Along with the other designer, I designed the interface and helped in building the flow for the web app. As the UI/UX Engineer, I also worked on the front-end side, teaming up with the R&R developer.


After working out our ideas for the web app, I started prototyping each page. In order for us to work at a more faster pace, we decided to focus on the main pages and functions of the app.

By having weekly sprints, we were able to feedback each other often and stay cohesive in our work. Since we were still in development, we did much of the usability testing on our own, and from time to time, asking friends to test the app.

After I've finalized the front-end design with the Rails developer, Etsuri was ready to move onto the next stage of the development.


Working in a small team of 5 was challenging for various reasons. I learned to juggle with different tasks at the same time and manage my well in order to meet the deadlines. I also learned to properly communicate my ideas and discuss topics thoroughly.

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