HitchACar was an idea conceptualized during the Smart Mobility Hackathon held in Cologne, Germany in 2015. Given with the problem to solve the traffic problems in major cities by using technology and gamification, we were given 30 hours to conceptualize an idea and present it to the panelists.


Using 'Barcelona', the location itself as our diversifier, our idea aimed to help city travelers not to get stuck in the traffic, but instead to have a seamless, free flowing travel around the city.


We started by researching about Barcelona and its problem on traffic and transportation. After getting a rough idea on the problem, we decided to for the carpooling idea to promote seamless transportation around the city.

We created personas to get a rough idea on how the app would possibly work. We also drew user flows and to plan how the app would work and to decide its main features. To include gamification in the features, the app has social incentives - to encourage the users to communicate by offering game-like activities. Users can also earn badges from reviewing the journey experience in which they can use later on.

There is also a matching system where users can choose between traveling with people who interests match their own or if they need a transport as soon as possible. There is also a reward system that the more users use the app, the more benefits they will get, such as priority reservation, parking spots, and special carpool lanes.


This was my first experience in joining a hackathon. Although we weren't able to win any prize, the opportunity to network and team up with other people was a fun learning experience.

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