Kalibrr is a talent marketplace that matches job-seekers and employers by automating the half of the recruitment process. I joined the team during the beta phase as a UI/UX Engineer.


With the product team of more than 5, I was involved in every aspect of the product development process but was mainly in charge of developing the designs into interactive prototypes using FramerJS.


Kalibrr was still new by then but already has garnered a lot of users. But there was a problem, only a few percentage of them as active, and most don’t have a presentable profile for the employers to look at. To know the reason behind this, we conducted a user testing and we saw how users would use the app.

We saw that the registration and onboarding process doesn’t give the users a good experience leaving us to the problem we currently had. We started researching for the best practices, and step-by-step worked on revamping the registration and onboarding process.

The end result was satisfying as we were able to exceed the expectations of the board and more users have been active in Kalibrr since then.


Working in Kalibrr taught me how to thrive on fast-paced environments. We had to come up with a solution fast to have something to present to our investors. It was challenging yet the results were satisfying as Kalibrr received overwhelming good feedback from the users and companies.


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