OAPE Cheers

OAPE Cheers is a tool that helps you drink safely and responsibly on the farm


The app lagged a bit behind in its visuals and was stuck in the old glassy-look interface. We needed to update its visuals and improve the user experience for the users.


After finalizing ideas and sketching wireframes on paper, I laid the designs into Photoshop to work on the prototypes.

Maintaining with the brand’s visuals, we made sure everything is aligned perfectly without missing a pixel. In order to present well our design, we decided to work on the high-fidelity prototype with Ionic Framework, since it was the closest to the iOS interface.

With the interactive prototype with Ionic Framework, we were able to test the app and work on revisions quickly.


As my first experience working on a mobile interface (and remotely), I learned the standards of designing for iOS and Android. Working remotely for the first time, I also learned how to communicate my ideas better with fellow colleagues and how to give and receive critique in a constructive way.

Delivering this project made me go deeper in Interface and User Experience design and motivated me to continue on this path.


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